Aahuti Green Energy Pvt. Ltd. was named so because we consider our state-of-the-art ‘Waste to Energy’ plant as Aahuti Kund, wherein the municipal solid waste that we intend to process acts as the Aahuti.

Then again, Aahuti also stands as the synonym for the contribution of our team, as well as each and every member of the society towards the noble initiative of helping India process all its waste in an eco-friendly and scientific manner.

Aahuti plans to focus and work proactively on numerous fronts including-

  • Establishment of MSW processing plants to save our cities and towns from diseases and air & water pollution caused by ever-increasing landfill sites.
  • Setting up of Agriculture Waste processing plants to get rid of the menace of stubble burning and resultant pollution
  • Setting up of Wood Waste processing plants to minimize the chances of wild fires and hence un-repairable damage to environment
  • Establishment of Human & Animal Excreta based plants to save our rivers, by directing the sewage elsewhere
  • Eradication of existing landfills by using specially invented bacteria in a most environment friendly way.